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Whether you have a planner , coordinator or not, we can help you with some tips to curate an event .
The most important to check off  items are : securing your date, your venue, caterer and of course your décor and flowers!
FM Event Sweetheart garden.jpg


  1. Secure your date.
  2. ​Set your budget.
  3. Pick your Colors.
  4. Do you know  your style (garden, boho, minimalistic)? If not we can help you.
  5. Have your venue layout to share & know venue allocated time for set up.
  6. Know your estimated guest count and bridal party size.
  7. List your venue/event  areas that must have flowers.
  8. Have your love/hate  list of specific flowers.
  9. Have your mood/Inspiration board, or Pinterest board.
  10. Be open to new ideas!  Be prepared for design suggestions on balance, contrast and layering of textures.
Consult prep
Let's talk flower bouquet sizes. Click on the image above to play a short video on stem count  by flower type for a small, medium and large bouquet.
Let's talk greenery bouquet. Click on the image above to play a short video elements used to create this beautiful greenery bouquet.


  1. When should I book my flowers and design services?
  2. What should I expect at the consultation?​
  3. Can you do Mock samples of my design?
  4. Can you do venue visits?
  5. Do you have a minimum order requirement?
  6. What if my budget is less than your minimum order requirement?
  7. Can you set up at multiple venue locations?
  8. Do you travel to other states for client events?
  9. What is your policy on event date postponements?
  10. Will you replicate designs in my mood/Inspiration board, or Pinterest board ?
  11. Can I make changes after I sing the design proposal and book with a retainer?
  12. Can you set up my own decorations that I bring to the event?
  13. Do you work with artificial flowers too?
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